therapy english activitalIn Activital Psychology & Coaching we’re all fluent English speakers so we provide psychological attention, coaching processes, mindfulness training and sports psychology services also in English Language.

From an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach, our main goal as psychologists is your personal wellbeing, through developing processes in order to:

  • Promote new and alternative behaviors . We will learn to go in the direction of valued and important things in your life, by valued actions committed and motivated by your values.
  • Learn to live the present moment and to be in a deep connection with the here and now. The power of being focused and able to get involved in everything you do. To keep in touch with the present moment without thinking or worrying about past or future, is especially important for a fulfilled life.
  • Developing new strategies to interact with your own private events (thoughts, emotions, memories…) in a way that will make it easier to handle them while reducing their influence on your behavior.
  • Build a full, rich and meaningful life. Identifying your values will let you draw a roadmap with whom create a worthwile life, in the direction of things that really matter.
  • Develope resilience to stay in the chosen valued-way, even when difficulties are showing up, and the abilities to note when you’ve left it for coming back to what really matters.


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